Magento 101

What is Magento? Should I be using it? If so, why?
Published on Sep 17 2015 by Laura White

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Magento, the hero of open source e-commerce platforms around the world. By day Magento drives traffic to your online store, aptly manages your inventory and encourages seamless plugin integration then by night continues the fight against expensive commercial platforms. 

Here you'll learn the key benefits of Magento, how to utilise them and why open source can help you succeed in business.


Let's Begin...

 Owned by Ebay, Magento is a well known and trusted content management system and open source e-commerce platform perfect for online stores of any size. Simply put, Magento enables you to enter your inventory to sell, and catalogues each item strategically so that customers can search your site and find what they want with ease. Not only making life easy for the customer, Magento comes with a well designed and thought-out user interface which allows you to get your online store up and running no matter your level of tech experience. However, with Magento you'll need to arrange your own hosting - which is something we can help you with. Soul will handle the installation procedures and software/system setup so you can concentrate on your business. 

Key Advantages of Magento 

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Magento is totally free! Go ahead and download it here. Now who doesn't love a freebie, and one that has proven itself as a top competitor against expensive and very similar platforms. 

 Screen Shot 2015 09 17 at 3.48.38 PMAs previously mentioned, Magento's inventory management if used to it's full extent really is in a league of it's own, considering it's a free platform. The amount of items is virtually unlimited and not bound by costly plan restrictions.

Screen Shot 2015 09 18 at 1.49.53 PM Another big advantage of Magento, over its more expensive rivals, are the available plug ins and extensions. If you can think of an addition that your site needs, chances are it already exists, and most likely for free or dirt cheap. We all love having more options to choose from, and shouldn't have to settle for anything except exactly what we want.

 Screen Shot 2015 09 18 at 1.52.52 PMCustomisation of your site should be unlimited, with the freedom to make it look exactly as you wish. The possibilities are endless, and we can help in making your site unique, by standing out from the rest, but by also sticking with the up and coming popular trends.

Open Source E-Commerce

Why open source? Would you rather have a handful of developers working on a project, or thousands. This in simple terms, means quality. Countless developers continue to work on Magento every day, improving security and innovating new features and enhancements. Freedom, flexibility and customisation are three words that immediately come to mind when talking open source. You can read more about this topic here, in one of our other blogs on the subject.

Here are just some of the big brand names that rely on Magento:

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