The Johnson Initiative

Published on Jul 19 2016 by Stefano Senese

If you’ve followed our work here at Soul, you would have seen this term “The Johnson Initiative” thrown around in a lot of our published content. But what does it mean? Who is Johnson? To put it simply, Johnson is a charlatan, a fake. A symbol of the poor attempting marketing initiatives shown by marketers every day when wanting to increase brand exposure.

I’ll paint you a picture of our main man Johnson. He is confident, witty, and adored by his superiors. He speaks, they listen. “Johnson, you've done it again!” *hands over burlap sack of money* Dreamland right? It would be, If Johnson knew what he was talking about. He looks like Don Draper, but is actually Gob Bluth. Johnson focuses on perception over content, he puts gloss over garbage. How many digital marketing managers come into jobs, convince their less tech savvy bosses into pursuing avenues that are flashy but ultimately fruitless. It is easy to be Johnson, and there are many of them out there. So here's a tip, if you are entering the digital marketing field, don't be a Johnson, and if you're an employer, pay a greater amount of attention to content detail, it'll save you all the burlap sacks of money you can imagine.


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Just remember -

“An idea so stupid and destined for failure, that when pitched, is only accepted and considered omnipotent by even stupider people in positions of management & responsibility”

 Don't be stupid.