Evolution of the workplace environment: My first day at Soul Digital

I'm not sure what you imagined web development to look like internally, but what I imagined, as you're about to find it, was not what I found at Soul Digital.
Published on Apr 21 2016 by Stefano Senese

Let me start by saying that I had little to no experience in the web development field before coming to Soul Digital. As a fresh graduate who studied marketing and psychology (no, I don’t know what you’re thinking), I was keen to utilize the knowledge I had and apply it to an industry that is not only creative, but forward thinking. Did I know what to expect within a web development agency? No. My expectations of the working environment mirrored my initial thought of all business environments, formal, corporate and structured. My perceptions of the internal business aesthetic were further manifested by my only other office experience, a reception role at an accounting firm (gripping stuff), naturally I expected all businesses to deliver a similar persona. However, what I encountered completely revaluated my perception. 

On the first morning, after being greeted by Managing Director Marco Rosano at the door, I was instantly taken back by the “office” layout. High ceilings, personalized murals painted on the walls, chic workbenches, to the Iron Man first edition poster watching over us in the boardroom, it looked more like a student share house dream than a place of business. Truthfully, I was very surprised; My initial thoughts of the environment didn’t exactly scream formal, nor did it mirror the preconceptions I had about how a business should visually express itself. It was for these reasons that I was instantly found the prospect of my new employment even more lucrative.

Web development, simply, is a new age field. A field that’s presence and importance is on a linear incline in corporate evolution. It is for this reason that any workplace environment must evolve from its traditional competitors. How can a creative business thrive in an uncreative environment? How can the work of a business appear unique when it follows an overused and dated trend?

I found Soul Digitals approach of transmitting their own personality and values into the physical culture of their office imaginative and inviting. The principles towards work quality and ethic are the same, but what I found so appealing was the way in which Soul holds up their own identity in an industry that’s pushing the boundaries of creativity, marketing and communication between brands and the consumer.

Soul Digital frequently uses the term “Soul Mates” to label their relationships with their clients. If my initial perceptions are anything to go by, then I’m optimistic about the number of Soul Mates they’ll be making.