The Year That Was - 2015

Much like 2014, this year started with a bang.
Published on Dec 15 2015 by Jason Soultan

What a year it was.

Much like 2014, this year started with a bang.

However, before we get into the details, we would like to take this this opportunity to thank our dedicated long term clients. We love working with you and more importantly, we’ve loved seeing your business goals develop over the year. It’s given us a huge amount of joy and satisfaction. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve for you and are thrilled with many of you that have experienced such a amazing growth of your web presence.

We would also like to extend our thank-you to the all of the amazing new clients who have become Soulmates this year. From exciting new startups, to household business names - clients have come in many shapes and sizes for us. We could not be prouder to have helped with your unique website aims and problems that we have faced together this year.

We have launched a number of great projects this year, including:

  • Metro Solar - who are a household name in the renewable energy industry.
  • Eureka Skydeck - a Melbourne icon who needs no introduction. 
  • Rookie Me - is setting a path to becoming number 1 in AFL training. We were pleased to help them launch their new range of sports academies for junior athletes - Rookie Me Academy

Beyond this, we have worked with a truckload of startups who are geared up for an exciting 2016.

 The world of web has come a long way in 2015. A number of us attended the Google Web-Masterclass, which proved to be a crystal ball of what we can expect in 2016.

Spoiler alert: SEO is more about YOU than it ever has been. We are seeing a strong trend away from traditional eCommerce layouts, a higher focus on video content and a larger understanding of the importance of metrics. 

So, what’s in store for 2016? Well in a nutshell, Sharing! In particular, sharing your story with your audience in more creative ways than we can currently imagine. We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you and seeing what exciting stories will come of the new year. 

Be safe and enjoy the holiday season.

From all of us at Soul Digital, thank you for all your support this year and may 2016 bring you health, happiness, prosperity.