A Huge Step Towards Achieving Maddie's Vision

Maddie remained persistent, brave, and dedicated to an idea - that no one else should have to endure what she had.
Published on Aug 1 2016 by Stefano Senese

In 2015, Maddie Riewoldt, sister of St Kilda Football Club Captain Nick Riewoldt, heartbreakingly passed away after a five year battle with aplastic anaemia, a rare condition affecting blood cell production within bone marrow. For five gruelling years, Maddie underwent countless physical and emotional hurdles that any person, especially so young, shouldn't have burdened upon them. Despite living through such gruelling turmoil, Maddie remained persistent, brave, and dedicated to an idea - that no one else should have to endure what she had.

Today, Maddie Riewoldt Vision (MRV), supported strongly by The Snowdome Foundation, have looked to tackling the issue of aplastic anaemia as part of a large scale, innovative measure to generate funds for research and clinical trials for those suffering from issues within the blood cancer spectrum. Here at Soul, we are proud to report that their efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the partnership (MRV & Snowdome) winning the Charity award at the Victorian Telstra Business Awards 2016.

Sensationally, in less than 12 months the collaboration has raised just over $1 million, with Snowdome’s current presence and resources being the perfect catalyst for Maddie's Vision to begin and develop rapidly. Humbled by the recognition, Snowdome Co-founder, Professor Miles Prince, expressed his great excitement about the opportunities available for those diagnosed with bone marrow failure or blood cancers thanks to the overwhelming support and donations they have received within the past year. “The research breakthroughs we are seeing are identifying new or novel ways to treat blood cancers. Our generous donors allow us to fund the translation of this ground-breaking research from the lab to clinic”.

Brother Nick (Riewoldt) also spoke passionately about the magnitude of the collaboration’s endeavours in the past year, stating “The recognition tonight tells us that we are someway to fulfilling her wish”.. In addition, Riewoldt highlighted that through its expansion “this award will make [the] spotlight shine brighter, which will ultimately provide more hope for all Australians suffering from these insidious blood-related diseases.”


Soul Digital is proud to support Snowdome on their journey, along with MRV, in achieving their goals that will save the lives of many struggling in the fight against blood cancers and bone marrow failure, and make the bold dream of Maddie Riewoldt, a reality.

 Congratulations, and Good Luck.