Adios Privacy: Snapchat Spectacles

It's something out of James Bond but it's built for teenagers. Despite some excellent functionality, is there an element of risk with Snapchat's latest venture?
Published on Sep 26 2016 by Stefano Senese

I'm not sure whether this is a gift or a curse.

Maybe it's both? That's up to interpretation, but let me start this piece with a quick story that I feel a lot of readers can resonate with. I, like 100 million others, use Snapchat daily; I’ve said this in previous articles, the once small time start up has dramatically and drastically evolved into an ever growing and ever loved application for users, especially the younger market.

How many times have you sneakily tried to Snapchat something you shouldn't in a public domain? Last month, and I admit to sheer embarrassment with this, catching the tram home from work, I tried to foolishly take a photo of one the most outrageous mullets you have ever seen (it really was amazing).

Did I get the photo? Yes.
Did I get it unnoticed? Not really.

After childishly snickering to myself, I look up to see the woman next to me roll her eyes, and it's at that moment that I considered getting off and waiting for the next tram or just running away (think three stooges here).

Snapchat is great, but it's usability is publicly obvious, people are aware to what you're doing, and to capture something you really want undetected is extremely hard.

Till now… 


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