Better Call Saul... Soul Digital

With over 4.4 million US viewers tuning in for its debut episode, Better Call Saul has certainly set the benchmark of success extremely high for any new TV series.
Published on Feb 19 2015 by Marco Rosano

With over 4.4 million US viewers tuning in for its debut episode, Better Call Saul has certainly set the benchmark of success extremely high for any new TV series.

Regarding success and our business, client satisfaction by how we respond and resolve support queries is just one of the ways in which we measure it.

Better Call Saul... Soul Digital.

12 months ago, we challenged ourselves to create a support policy for our clients that would not only be fair and set the benchmark within the digital space, but also result in the best possible service and outcome in the likelihood of any reported issue.

This soon became known as our Web Support & Maintenance Policy, which is a living spec that we aim to update and continue to refine, just as the tenets and specifics of web support & maintenance continue to evolve.

Recent changes to our Web Support & Maintenance Policy include:

  1. The set up and configuration of a new internal support desk with the use of Zendesk, which will further enhance communication across client reported issues and our team.
  2. The refinement of our support & maintenance workflow, including various response and resolution definitions and priorities.
  3. The refinement of our Pricing Schedule, with the aim of passing additional time and cost benefits across to all of our clients.

Underpinning the need for any of this is the constant question that we’re always asking ourselves:

"How can we better offer lasting value and ensure that our clients are getting the best return on our time spent with them?"

Perhaps the greatest change of all that many of you will experience in the coming weeks/months is the addition of a new Project Manager to our growing team.

As we’ve quite often stated, the key to any successful project is strong and effective communication and project management throughout its duration. We are therefore excited to announce the arrival of David Cooper to the Soul Digital team, who will provide a much more consistent and available point of contact.

david smallround

With David coming onboard, we are raising our commitment to providing our clients with dedicated and industry-leading support services. David will be devoted to strengthening communication across projects and support that will ensure your money, and our time, is being used in the most efficient way possible.

A recent audit of our Support & Maintenance queries over the last 12 months found that many of our clients often have up to 4 (separately logged) low priority requests per fortnight. Rather than simply resolving these issues ad hoc as they appear, we are now managing the process much more efficiently by effectively taking advantage of the economies of scale wherever possible.

This means that rather than working on 4 small, low priority issues in 4 separate periods, which disrupts output at various levels, the issues are proactively grouped together resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies. Higher priority tasks are still met with the urgency that they require.

If you would like to hear more about how we’ll be managing your Support & Maintenance requests from now on, or you would like to obtain the latest copy of our Web Support & Maintenance Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

David, welcome to the team.