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An introduction to Magento Enterprise and how it influences the world of customer data.
Published on Mar 11 2015 by David Cooper

The New World of Customer Data.

The abundance of quantifiable data is one of the greatest successes of the information age.

‘Big Data’ is being heralded as a game changing opportunity for business owners and marketers alike. A recent article by Forbes claims that demand for Computer Systems Analysts, with big data expertise increased 89.9% in 2014. 

Understanding the User.

Tracking user engagement creates a stronger picture of how your audience interacts with your service. Fortunately for most, a small to medium sized e-commerce site only needs a few tools in order to gain richer insights into user purchase behaviour. Feel free to ask us about exploring analytical CMS plugins.

If you are looking to drastically alter and compliment the customer journey, Magento offers a premium solution for market tracking and segmentation. ‘Magento Enterprise’ offers a richer view of your customer base whilst allowing for targeted promotions. Magento Enterprise incorporates all the features usually found on analytics software: tracking, lead classification, basic market segmentation. It then takes the next important step in changing user purchase decisions.

Personalising Content with Magneto Enterprise

Magento Enterprise divides customers into groups and optimising marketing initiatives for these groups. A user’s (address, location, sex, etc.) and/or value (purchase history, on-site browsing, etc.) influences what content is immediately displayed on-site.

It is these little segments that begin to ensure the user is only displayed the content that relates most to them. This changes the customer journey, favouring both the user and the owner. The user enters the ever-changing, dynamic environment tailored to their needs and preferences. The shop owner can now identify new visitors or returning customers (without having to log in) and target them with special promotions to convert browsers into buyers.

Increased Sales, Happier Customers.

DRBPR or otherwise affectionately known as: ‘Dynamic Rule Based Product Relations’ targets customers by presenting them with up-sells, cross-sells, and related products based on their specific product selections. On the other hand, the customer is presented with a purchase environment tailored to see what they actually want. This allows marketers to easily manage specific product suggestions, shopping cart price rules and banners, unique to that segment.

Implementing Magento Enterprise

For those already running the Magento CMS, the upgrade process can be quite simple. However, the associated costs with switching to the Magento Enterprise option may outway the benefits for some users. The basic user must understand the volume of e-commerce sales and ask if they would be better off upgrading other features before looking for a drastic CMS change. A common complaint from store owners is that they have a high click through rate, but are failing to generate the sales. If this sounds familiar then investigating the Magento Enterprise solution is for you.

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