In Good Company

Good things come to those who wait!
Published on May 8 2015 by Jason Soultan

When email saw to the quick and bloody death of 'snail mail', the future of post offices was uncertain worldwide.

In 2015, postal services worldwide float on the backs of the expanding online shopping market. For the past few years, we have been recommending an outstanding service that minimises the cornerstone of online shopping: postage.
All of our e-commerce clients, especially for online stores on the Magento platform are well aware of our recommendation of this shipping service.

The service is called Temando and it's revolutionising the way in which online stores are able to manage shipping and fulfilment, especially here in Australia. 
We believe in the product so much that Temando have now officially listed Soul Digital as a "Solution Partner" on their website. We are in some great company! Check out the link

Temando have really bridged the gap for Australian online retailers and enabled them to offer a great fulfilment solution. Temando's tools deliver a layer of intelligence over the entire fulfilment value chain, from the point of sale to delivery and all the processes in between. 
The service is deemed to be so worthwhile that they have just raised $50m to continue their expansion into the US and UK markets.

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