Google v Apple. Is This Now A Fight Worth Watching?

Pixel v IPhone7. Both stand up tall, but Apple shouldn’t be worried.
Published on Oct 11 2016 by Stefano Senese

The Google Pixel looks like a promising move by the world's biggest search engine, but Apple shouldn't be too worried just yet. For months now, I have been eagerly anticipating Google's new phone. After the Nexus bombed, I have been extremely keen on seeing how Google will come back into the smartphone game. This desire to know has been spurred by the incredible convenience that Google has brought to our day-to-day lives.

Search engine aside, their applications are what have really won me over.

Google Drive is my best friend at work.

Gmail has overtaken outlook as my most used mailing account.

Hell, Google Calendar is what keeps my life together (I’m only joking, my life isn't together).

But you see my point, I associate Google as being masters in creating convenience. For that reason, I expect a lot from the Google Pixel; and if early reviews are anything to go by, it appears that Google are serious this time about throwing themselves into the smartphone mix, and I have to say, I am impressed.

The phone looks sleek, the camera is great, the battery life is awesome (I charge my iPhone at least three times a day) and it does have some nice features. However, let's address the very large but not so grey elephant in the room, the Google Pixel and the iPhone aren't exactly chalk and cheese, in fact they are extremely similar. 

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