Revolutionary Over Practicality.

Apples new wireless headphones and iPhone update have caused great debate amongst consumers. Have Apple abandoned the needs of their consumers for flashy upgrades?
Published on Sep 12 2016 by Stefano Senese

I feel that every year now, when Apple release their latest iPhone, the whole world goes into a very brief but very real frenzy. I have friends, family and colleagues who will religiously discard their once cherished iPhone as if it had the plague for the slightly updated, slightly changed in size new model. Personally, I don't get the same thrill; as long as my iPhone 5S continues to work, I will put my $1,000 towards my next holiday.


To me, each phone, despite a much nicer camera (I admittedly would like a better camera), isn't really that revolutionary, and inherently doesn't grab my attention or my wallet because they're all quite the same.

However, as most of you now know, actually,

all of you now know,

the latest iPhone, the iPhone 7 has caused easily the biggest stir of all its predecessors, and I can say confidently that it has certainly grabbed the attention of this author. Unlike the iPhones before it, this is most certainly revolutionary. Apple's decision to shock us all and remove the iPod jack, and give their users the wireless headphones “Airpod's”, is the biggest shake up in the smartphone market since well, the iPhone was first released.

Apple Senior Vice president advocated that removing the headphone jack was an act of “courage”, a step forward in our movement towards revolutionary technology, breaking the shackles of our complacent and ever comfortable dependance on technology that has been around for over a decade. Apple want to change the game, and they certainly have, but, these Airpod's, and the removal of the jack, have raised more questions than answers, and I have to say, I am very skeptical.

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