Soul's Ad Of The Week: James Corden & Apple Deliver An Advertising Master Class.

I do love a good ad.
Published on Sep 21 2016 by Stefano Senese

Last week, I wrote a piece voicing my concerns regarding Apple's latest iPhone and its new and “improved” wireless headphones. It was strange to slander Apple, I mean, they do things so well, that's documented, but I couldn't help but see the obvious flaws associated with their new design. However, if they let me down last week, they've picked me up again this week.

No, it isn't some new revolutionary product unfortunately, but,

I do love a good ad,

and their latest ad, with James Corden (If you don't know who that is, I'm concerned, if so, watch this)  is one of my favourites in recent memory.

It's a clever ad by Apple, as it presents to two sides to their brand persona in such a way that is transparent enough for you to appreciate both. The Apple board members, focussed and critical, are all about functionality. They speak about performance, user experience, and design; that's their primary goal. While the board members try to highlight to James the benefits of apple music, such as allowing you to pick “thousands of handpicked playlists, based on the music you love” or that you can listen to Apple Music offline on a plane (watch out Spotify), James throws back some ideas of his own.

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