A term that I once associated with sales types, one I thought was a buzzword invoked by self-help gurus like Brad Goodman. Is one I now see as an essential consideration when planning marketing communications.
Published on Aug 17 2015 by Brett Montgomery

Every communication and interaction that a business has with current, former and potential customers is an opportunity. An opportunity to develop coherent brand Synergy.

Repetition = Consistency

Most people would be familiar with this concept, one of its most common and irritating forms being a politician during an interview. The repetition of the same response over and over referred to as ‘staying on message’.

The synergy is implemented to the point of frustration for the interviewer, and makes the politician appear more on a soapbox than participating in a conversation. This approach is not something that businesses should be running with. However it illustrates the concept, consistency is key.

Donald Trump

Learn from Number One

Apple exemplifies the other (more palatable) end of the synergy spectrum. In the Four Horsemen talk (mentioned in my last post), Apple is predicted to become the world's first trillion dollar brand. Positioning as a luxury brand is signaled as being an essential strategy in the pursuit of this success.

The synergy of Apple’s branding is plain to see. From product design and user interfaces, through to store branding and smaller touches such as email communications.

Untitled design

Synergy Creates Value

Synergy across communications and value delivery goes a long way to position a company’s brand in customers minds.

The effect on customers can be; subconscious education on what level of service they can expect through to what sort of price they should attach to the value of consuming your company’s outputs. The value in getting this right should not be lost on any company, especially the case for online business as the points of contact with customers may limited meaning the stakes are higher for each interaction.

Being mindful of synergy is essential in leaving no ambiguity on how you see your company and how you believe your customers should too. Communication is delivered through many channels and the idea of synergy should be applied across them all. To do this a clear view of the value your product or service offers, the market you target and the voice that you wish for your companies brand to have should be all that is needed.